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Milan Box Corporation manufactures a range of military products made to the following United States Government/MIL Specifications:










Milan Box Corporation has manufactured boxes and crates since 1927. The company expanded into military ammunition boxes during the Second World War, and now provides wirebound, wooden containers and boxes for ammunition, fuzes, grenades, artillery munitions, rockets, explosives and missile components.


Both our military wirebound and nailed wood boxes are made to fit Mauser ammo can dimensions.

Throughout our history, Milan Box has maintained its excellent reputation as a high quality manufacturer of plywood and wood packaging.

Wirebound crates are one of the most popular types of containers used by the US Army and Marines, is per military drawing 7553347, and includes a special heat treatment and a preservative treatment. 

Pricing normally includes various military markings prescribed by the customer and is largely governed by the available materials and quantities ordered.