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Milan Box Corporation Application

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Milan Box - Milan, TN

The Wirebound Department is a vital and dynamic segment of our manufacturing process, focusing on the assembly of wirebound ends or mats. Team members engage in a variety of roles, from operating key machinery to conducting detailed inspections of parts for quality control. Collaboration is key in this fast-paced environment, where efficiency and precision are paramount.

Safety and skill development are prioritized, with comprehensive training provided to ensure a secure working atmosphere and continual skill enhancement. This department is more than just a production line; it's a center of teamwork and innovation, dedicated to creating high-quality, reliable products.


In our Milling Process, team members engage in diverse and critical roles, from operating precision saws for shaping materials to conducting thorough inspections of parts to ensure top-quality standards. Collaboration is key in this environment, where teamwork enhances efficiency and product integrity.

The role also involves customizing materials to specific dimensions, demanding a blend of technical skill and attention to detail. Safety and continuous skill development are prioritized, with comprehensive training provided to maintain a secure and proficient workspace.

Our Milling Process is a vital part of our operation, combining craftsmanship and precision to produce high-quality, customized products.


In the Printer Process area, our team members play a vital role in operating advanced printers, expertly transforming digital designs into physical products. Precision and a keen eye for detail are essential as they inspect printed parts, ensuring each piece meets our high standards for quality and accuracy.

Teamwork is crucial in this dynamic environment, where collaboration leads to efficient workflow and innovative solutions. Members also handle complex tasks such as interpreting mil specs, drawings, and designs, requiring both technical understanding and creative insight.

Safety and skill development are key priorities, with ongoing training to stay abreast of the latest in printing technology and safety practices.

Our Printer Process is a core part of our operations, blending technology and craftsmanship to produce superior, precision-printed products.


In the Box Room, our skilled team members are essential in creating high-quality packaging solutions. They expertly use hand and power tools to build durable pallets and nailed wooden boxes, each crafted to precise specifications for product protection and transport.

Operating saws and other machinery is a crucial part of their role, requiring technical expertise and a strong commitment to safety. Teamwork is key in this environment, fostering a productive and collaborative workspace.

Safety and skill development are prioritized, with regular training to ensure proficiency in the latest woodworking techniques and machinery operation.

The Box Room is a vital part of our manufacturing process, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern efficiency to produce superior packaging components.


Our forklift operators in the Box Room are key to our packaging production process. They skillfully maneuver forklifts to move materials and finished pallets and boxes, playing a critical role in maintaining the efficiency of our operations. Their work requires not only technical expertise in operating forklifts but also a strong focus on safety and spatial awareness.

Collaboration is essential as they coordinate closely with other team members, ensuring smooth workflow between the creation and transportation of packaging components. Regular training is provided to keep them updated on the latest forklift technologies and safety standards.

In the Box Room, our forklift operators are vital in seamlessly integrating traditional craftsmanship with effective logistics, ensuring our high-quality packaging is handled and transported with precision and care.


Our maintenance roles are crucial in keeping our operations running smoothly. Team members use hand and power tools to maintain and repair machinery and the building infrastructure. They are essential in ensuring that all equipment functions optimally, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

These positions require a blend of technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail. Maintenance tasks range from machine repairs to handling electrical, plumbing, and structural work in the building.

We prioritize continuous training for our maintenance staff, keeping them updated on the latest techniques and technologies. This role is vital for maintaining a safe, efficient, and well-functioning manufacturing environment.


The Rework/Cull role is essential in our production process, focusing on using hand tools to refurbish products that didn't meet initial quality standards. This position requires a keen eye for detail and skilled craftsmanship to repair and restore items like boxes and ends to be ready for shipment.

Proficiency in interpreting military specifications (mil specs), technical drawings, and understanding of cull work is crucial. This expertise ensures that all reworked items meet our high standards of quality.

Our Rework/Cull specialists are not just repairers; they are vital in maintaining our commitment to excellence. They receive ongoing training to stay updated on product knowledge and repair techniques, playing a key role in upholding our reputation for quality and reliability in every product we deliver.


The Maintenance Setup role is crucial in our manufacturing process, focusing on the careful configuration and calibration of machinery for specific orders. This role demands a combination of technical knowledge, precision, and a thorough understanding of machine capabilities.

Team members in this position analyze order specifications and adjust machines accordingly, ensuring optimal performance and quality output. They are pivotal in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of our production line.

Ongoing training is provided to our Maintenance Setup specialists, keeping them updated with the latest in machinery technology and safety standards. Their expertise is essential in maintaining smooth operations and upholding our commitment to timely, high-quality product delivery.


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