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  • Military Products made to MIL-STD-1916 - 100% inspection standard for Wirebound Boxes and Nail Wood Boxes.

  • Integrated Military Packaging Systems & Related Components in association with United Ammunition Container, Inc. (fiber mortar-round tubes), Bway Corporation (metal ammo cans), & Harris Manufacturing Company (bandoleers).

  • Certified ISPM-15 heat treatment center of wooden products to European Union/USDA requirements for pinewood nematode.


 Milan Box Corporation manufactures a range of military products made to the following United States Government/MIL Specifications:


                                                                                       MIL-DTL-2427                                       PPP-B-587

                                                                                       MIL-DTL-15011                                     PPP-B-601

                                                                                       MIL-DTL-46506                                     PPP-B-621


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